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FY 18 Health and Human Services Budget
This budget, like all others, was not immune to reductions to adapt to the lowered revenue estimate.   Some key provisions impact mental health services:
  • Eliminate the program to train psychiatric physicians’ assistants at the Cherokee mental health institute ($8,000)
  • Eliminate the University of Iowa hospital primary care model for mental health treatment ($78,309)
  • Suspend the medical residency program targeted at psychiatry ($2 million)
  • Reduce funding to the autism/ABA program ($1.05 million)
    • Directs $202,000 to Drake University to establish a master’s program in applied behavioral analysis.This is a one-time appropriation.
  • Eliminate one-time funding for MHDS regional grants for Polk County and Eastern Region ($3 million)
  • Reduce funding for Cherokee Mental Health Institute ($788,340)
  • Reduce funding for Independence Mental Health Institute ($950,394)
The bill also makes reductions that impact physician reimbursement including:
  • Crossover claims capped at Medicaid levels ($17 million)
  • Site of service differential ($4.5 million)
  • PCP reimbursement (does not impact psychiatric physicians) ($13 million)
  • Changes Medicaid retroactive eligibility from 3 months to the 1st month of eligibility
In addition, the bill authorizes two interim committees of interest to IPS.  Legislators will hold interim committees on telehealth parity payment reimbursement and on opiod epidemic evaluation and protocols.
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