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Q&A with Carver Nebbe, MD

Where do you work? 
My full time employment is at Iowa State University’s Thielen Student Health Center where I’m a full time general psychiatrist to the student population, Chief of Staff for the medical staff, and Lead Physician for the clinic. However, I also am Medical Director for two geriatric intensive outpatient programs in Perry and Winterset called Senior Life Solutions. Additionally, with my second board certification in Family Medicine I attend as an Emergency Room Physician at Boone County Hospital and MercyOne in Cedar Falls.

What's a typical day in your shoes? 
I mostly see patients from 8 to 5, but meetings get interspersed as needed. I’m trying to fit more administrative time into days with my increased administrative roles, but that’s been a challenge. After work I’m a dad full time, often a volunteer soccer coach in conjunction with that, running partner for my boys, and mostly being the “fun parent.” I have a lot of volunteer stuff as well. I fill in my Admin duties with SLS wherever I can and do my ER work primarily weekend overnights.

Despite all that, I run every day and bicycle to work and try to stretch and lift whenever I can.

What is your favorite part of the job?
The stories.

Who is your favorite quote?
I have to do two! “Hate and anger (Resentment) are like taking poison and expecting someone else to die.” - St. Augustine; 2) “Comparison is the death of joy.” - Mark Twain

Favorite vacation experience/destination
The best experiences are forged when things don’t go as planned. Frustrating though they are, flight delays are more an opportunity than a curse. Bad weather makes more memories than good. Sticky situations and chaos make for better stories than five star hotels...

Favorite TV show
Battlestar Galactica

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