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Q&A with Michael Peroski, DO

Where you work:
Medical Associates Clinic and Mercy Hospital.  Department Chair at Mercy. 

Typical day in your shoes:
Start on the inpatient unit around 615.  Will see inpatients in the morning.  Will also perform ECT and TMS in the mornings.  Administrative meetings as needed at the hospital, too.  Start in outpatient clinic from 10AM until around 5:15PM most days.  Have a few days where I am seeing patients in community clinic or at facilities in the area.  One day a week I have an MBA class in the evening.  Most days, I come back to the hospital around 9PM to see inpatients again.

What inspired you to pursue psychiatry?
I fell in love with psychiatry during medical school.  My first rotation was with a really passionate psychiatrist in Pennsylvania who inspired me to consider psychiatry as a career. Seeing him help people struggling and integrating psychodynamic therapeutic techniques with biological psychiatry and seeing patients come back doing better and living lives on their own terms was really inspiring to me.  I had 5 other months of psychiatry rotations and had similarly great experiences.  When I was in medical school psychiatry felt like a calling to me, unlike my experience in any other field of medicine.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of the job is meeting with patients, and the connection in working with them and seeing them feel better over time. 

Who has inspired you?
My grandfather and countless patients who I can’t name here. 

How do you spend your free time?
Mostly with my wife, son, and daughter.  I really enjoy golfing, reading, cooking, and time in the outdoors. 
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