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IPPS Leadership

The Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society is governed by an Executive Council. They are elected by the IPPS Membership. Most members of the Council serve for two-year terms beginning on the last day of the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in the year elected. Secretary/Treasurer and APA Representatives each serve three years.


Francis Sanchez, MD, CPE, DFAPA
Past President
Al Whitters, MD, DFAPA
Past Past President
Jerry Greenfield, MD, DFAPA

President Elect
Carver Nebbe, MD, DFAPA
Amanda Elliot, DO (Term ends May, 2024)
Member at Large
Jennifer Donovan, MD

APA Representatives
Eric Johnson, DO (Term ends May, 2024)
Carver Nebbe, MD, DFAPA (Term ends May, 2022)
Executive Director
Sara Stramel-Brewer, MA
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