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IPPS bylaws amendments 4-29-2021

The IPPS Executive Council recently approved bylaws changes. They're summarized below and in the red line version of the bylaws (see link below). There will be a member meeting via Zoom 9/22 at 6p CT to vote. Please sign up here to participate.

Chapter III – Officers, Section 1:
  • Changes the term “President-Elect” to “President-Elect/Secretary.”
  • Changes the term “Secretary/Treasurer” to “Treasurer.”
    • Chapter III – Officers, Section 3, Subsections (b) and (c) are changed to reflect the altered duties of both the “President-Elect/Secretary” position and the “Treasurer” position. The duties that a “Secretary” would perform as outlined currently in Subsection (c) are deleted in that Subsection and added to the Subsection (b).
    • In Chapter III, Section 3, Subsection (c) the term of the Treasurer is changed from three years to two years.
    • The terms “President-Elect” and “Secretary/Treasurer” also appear in the current Bylaws in Chapter III, Section 4; Chapter III, Section 6; Chapter V, Section 1 and Chapter V, Section 2. In each of these four Sections, the term “President-Elect” is changed to “President-Elect/Secretary” and the term “Secretary/Treasurer” is changed to “Treasurer.”
    • Several typos in the current Bylaws document have been corrected (about a half dozen on page 3, and one on page 4). Correcting these typos doesn't make substantial changes in the language.
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